Samsung released an announcement on November 29th, 2016. And no, it wasn’t another recall. Maybe not “recall” as in “send back your stuff,” but “recall” meaning“remember that important announcement we made last year.” Here’s some background: before the Galaxy Note 7 literally went up in flames and the company recalled almost three million faulty washing machines, Samsung released a long-term shareholder roadmap in October 2015. The roadmap included plans for improved shareholder returns, capital management, and operation of the Board of Directors while maintaining a healthy balance of investment and growth.

Though the plan has been in the works for over a year now, Samsung has a mountain of P.R. problems to overcome, so this is an ideal time to give an update on its shareholder promises. Samsung will allocate 50 percent of free cash flow to shareholder returns and increase total dividends in 2016 by 30 percent compared to the previous year. April 2017 marks the beginning of quarterly dividend payments to shareholders. Samsung desperately needs to reassure shareholders and consumers that they are here for the long haul.

The company is currently undergoing detailed evaluation, and Samsung faces the possibility of corporate restructuring. Samsung has not ruled out the possibility of splitting into a holding company and an operating company, but their decision depends on the advice of the professionals hired to evaluate the business. Samsung has a big mountain to summit, and we’re interested to see how long it will take them and if they’re up for the climb.