With the value of Nintendo stock dropping, the company needed to make a creative move– or rather a platform move. In March 2016, Nintendo released its first Mobile App game, Miitomo. The user creates a character similar to those on other Nintendo devices and interacts with friends. Users quickly became bored with the game and went back to using other forms of social media.

Nintendo’s second attempt in the mobile market had great initial success and subsequent technical issues. A few months after releasing Miitomo, Pokemon GO hit the market. Nintendo stock price rose dramatically.

Pokemon GO combines the nostalgia of the first generation of Pokemon games with the new augmented reality concept. The augmented reality, the ability to see animated Pokemon interact in the real world via your camera, encourages gamers to be outdoors, catching Pokemon in residential neighborhoods, city blocks, and parks. While the game sparked worldwide attention, technical issues plagued Nintendo developers. It was exciting for Nintendo to have such a success, but servers were not able to keep up with demand, and failed features like tracking capabilities changed the game from Pokemon GO to Pokemon WENT.

Nintendo will once again venture into the mobile app market with another promising nostalgic game, Super Mario Run! The game preview immerses users in the Mushroom Kingdom once again. Goombas hobble toward Mario, and Bowser waits at the end of the world. It looks as if the game will bring users back to the classic games, and more importantly, to Nintendo consoles.

Super Mario Run is a auto-scroll, auto-run game with three different gaming modes. First, a player will run through challenging courses while collecting coins. Second, the players will battle for style. In this game mode, the player earns toads for how much SWAG they use during the battle. Finally, there is a mode similar to that of Mario Maker, where the player creates courses using coins and toads earned in the previous two modes.

Super Mario Run will hit the market in December 2016. Nintendo hopes to attract a whole new audience by moving to a mobile platform. We’ll see if Nintendo has made the right move to secure the top mobile app of the year and boost sales across the board.

*Written by Materason Roberts.