A month ago, I got a call from my mother, who wanted to know if she should get an iPhone or an Android.

Finally, I thought to myself. My mom’s upgrading from her old flip phone to the wonderful world of smartphones. I gave her no definite answer on the age old debate of iPhone vs. Android. Instead, I told her to do research herself, especially on features she cared most about.

It was no surprise that she decided to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which has so many great features. First, the phone was waterproof. My mom is always in the kitchen. The waterproof feature allows her to have her phone on her without worrying about water damage.

The second great feature is the camera. Samsung gave the camera a 12MP dual pixel sensor, F1.7 lens, and larger 1.4µm pixels. Within minutes of getting off the phone with my mom, she started sending pictures of everything and anything. She’ll run out of storage space soon! I thought to myself. My own phone was struggling to keep up with the barrage of photos. But no! The Note 7 had ample storage space for her to document every moment of her life.

The Note 7 also provides health tips and advice, including a personal newsfeed and consults via text or phone call. My mother is interested in health topics, so this was great for her.

Along with all the cool features, the Note 7 came with a huge malfunction. Just a few days after my mother started spamming my inbox with pictures, Samsung recalled her phone. She received a message from her carrier saying:

“Samsung has announced that current Galaxy Note 7 devices may have a potential battery issue and are investigating the issue for potential safety concerns. Please return your device and any Note 7 accessories for an exchange as soon as possible.”

To my mother’s dismay, she had to take her new favorite thing back to the store. The carrier, AT&T, provided her with a new phone for free. After her mountaintop experience with the Note 7, the new phone quickly became her least favorite thing. Every time I called her, she would complain about it.

Luckily, Samsung was able to fix the issue after a couple of weeks, and my mother received this message on September 26th:

“New Galaxy Note 7s have been approved for consumer use and are now available in AT&T stores. Visit your local store to replace phones you purchased from us on or before September 15.”

She did. And now the picture spam continues unabated.

*Written by Materason Roberts.